Friday, October 8, 2010

Step on a crack . . .

- and they broke their mama's back! That's how it feels anyway. It is not really broken - at least I don't think it is?

So for the past few weeks, Vit & I have been training like mad men(women).
We've been finding new and exciting things to keep us occupied for the 6-plus-hour bike rides - like riding to Santa Barbara & stopping for a little lunch & then taking the train home. That was a nice departure from the mundane & boring. And, this past weekend we had a 7-hour ride that turned into 8:05. We made a wrong turn on our route & ended up (and I do mean UP) going 15 or so miles the wrong way, only to hit a road closure & have to go all the way back!!!

We ran out of water. (Thanks to the Asplundh guys for helping us out & filling up our H2O bottles). We tried to get arrested so we could get a ride back in the CHP car ("Too much paper work," said the officer) - but to no avail. So, turn around & head back out . . . make the correct turn, finally get cell service & get our asses picked up!! After 8-plus hours & 10,756 feet of elevation gained - we were cooked! Note here: THANKS, LOLA, FOR THE PICK UP!!! You rock!

Back to my back: A small tweak to my right sciatic during a bike ride & 2 injuries at work - #1 injury: doing the splits on a wet floor - unintentional, of course. #2 injury: having to catch a patient who fainted & lift him into a reclining chair. There were 3 of us girls in a small area when he went down & we had to catch, lift & pivot! That would be the straw that broke my back.

It is not really "broken" - I am in really bad agony. I am trying physical therapy, Bikram yoga (until the doctor told me not to do any stretching or twisting) & ice. Oh - not to mention pain pills on my bike rides!! Don't worry, not heavy duty narcotics, just the mild stuff that keeps me from getting off my bike, crying & wanting to toss my sweet Penelope over a cliff.

I finally went to see one of our doctors at work. He took X-rays & ordered some Prednisone (that makes me CRAZIER than normal) and says I need to schedule an MRI.

Now we know from a previous post that I have back pain . . . but this has been the worst I've had. So much so, that I took H.R.'s advice & have decided to take 4 days off training! GULP. Well, some swimming. But let's face facts - I am in a lot of pain, I am feeling "blue" due to this & I have to halt my training 6 weeks out of Ironman.

This makes me one ornery gal.

But, after a nice discussion with H.R. Pufnstuf, I was reminded how important it is to get to the starting line of Ironman in one piece & healthy. No matter how hard it is to miss sooooooo many workouts, the fact remains that I have a lot of training under my belt.

The other fact remains: that if I have to WALK my 26.2 miles, then so be it. I am going to complete the son of a bitch!!!

Because I have worked hard & know that I can do it. And because I have the support of my family & friends.

I have to know that even though this sucks shit right now, I will get through it. Even though I have some days where I just question whether I really want to or not? Is it worth it? Have I done all of this to get to the starting line in horrible misery with my back?

I sure as shit hope not.
Really, that's all I can say.
Thanks for listening & reading.

Oh, and one more note . . . I do not believe that this was caused by my children stepping on a crack!

Much Peace & Love,


  1. You've still got time. I hope you heal up and feel great on race day. Hang in there!

  2. Gotta get there healthy. Watching Ironman World Championship and my girl Chrissy had to drop out!!! Flu! So, you never know.

  3. Crazy?? Not you...That is called character, my friend. So very happy you decided to take a few days. You are doing all the right things and I know being right next to you for so much of your training, that you are going to complete IMAZ and do it very well. You will reach that finish line!!!!

  4. Feel better. Get some rest. You're gonna kick butt anyway.