Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-minus 1 month . . .

I can't believe that there is only one month to go!!?? I have not posted the "T-minus" every month because it was kinda just "not really real".

Somehow, today - one month out - it seems very real. I was looking at my training plan & I am down to 4 weeks of training left. WOW. And, some of those days near the end are taper days.

I won't know what to do with myself on a taper day?

Anyway, on our "T-minus" days . . . Vit always sends out an email letting us all know that it is the 21st of the month. And, we all go back & forth with emails about whatever is going on, etc.

Today was no different. "No, no, no, wait, stop. Can we delay it a little?" "Maybe the four of us can ask them to push the date back." "It's like childbirth, boys. There is no going back. This thing is coming whether we like it or not!"

This goes on & we all laugh.

After work today, I came home & did my back exercises . . . got on the couch with my blankies & proceeded to fall asleep. I asked my daughter to wake me up so I would be ready when Vit came to pick me up for our swim.

She woke me up . . . I told her to call Vit & tell him I was calling in sick - cuz I was way comfy. Obviously, I had to get up & get ready. And, yes I did kinda complain a bit & rumble about how comfy I was & that I would be very satisfied to stay on the couch.

WELL - Vit just started to laugh. Of all the days - T-minus 1 month - I want to just take a "pass" on my workout. Really?

After all the emails today back and forth & I want a pass! HA HA HA. It is one month to IMAZ. It was very funny. Really.

Got the swim done. Felt great.

Now time to get back to my blankies & couch . . .

Much Peace & Love,

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