Saturday, November 26, 2011

Here I go again . . .

Last weekend I went to a very scary and exciting place - no, not just in my mind, but a real place. I went to Tempe, Az. Which is not only home of the ASU Sun Devils, but once a year is home to Ironman Arizona. Place where I did my very 1st (and only) Ironman.

One of "my boys" - who shall remain nameless - decided it was a good idea to go volunteer at IMAZ. Now, I had already been thinking of making the journey to Tempe in order to cheer on some of my friends from the book. And, there was going to be a book signing, too (can't pass that up!). P.S. - Order the book & read it . . . it's pretty dang good.

So, it made sense to go ahead and volunteer. I could cheer friends, hang out with my boys & get a cool free t-shirt. It's a win-win. Oh, did I mention - get to see some pros race?? That is also fun.

So, what the hell is so dang scary about going to Tempe? Well, anyone who knows how Ironman registration works knows that if you volunteer you get to have the privilege of standing in line early the day after the race in order to sign up for next year's race - the privilege to sign up & to pay $682.50, to be exact! Now, this is a great opportunity, as these races sell out fast. Those who volunteer get to sign up before it goes to the general public/online registration.

This pretty much guarantees "the volunteer" a spot for the following year.

Still not scary? What? That amount of money - hours spent standing in line - getting to do an Ironman next year???

Oh wait . . . back that thang up. Say what?? Why would a woman such as myself, who just had her 5th knee surgery, whose doctor told her running was bad for her - sign up for yet another effing Ironman?? Not a sprint-distance tri!! Not an Olympic-distance! But a full-blown, "Let's train for months & have to run & end up doing another LOOOOOOOONG-ass Ironman race!!"

Who did this to me? Whose idea was this? Vit? Pimp Daddy Jay-Z? Or was it H.R. PufnStuf and Big Dave? (my vote is those 2 SOBs)

But - cold, hard fact is that I am the culprit! I stood in that line & I paid that money - and now, I am officially signed up for IMAZ 2012.

And, I have a ton of my boys who are doing it with me. Let the party begin.

P.S.: The race sold out in less than 10 mins.

That's it for now . . .

Much Peace & Love, TracerX