Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes Dr. Steve, there is some training going on...

I had decided that Jan. 1st would be my training start date, I am doing my 1st 70.3 in April-it is the Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside, so I figured I would officially start with a new year!

BUT, I have been keeping up with a "loose" bit of training & Dr. Steve was not satisfied that I have not outlined what exactly I have been doing!
So, here goes: Mon.12/22-rest day
Tues. 12/23-an hour of "Spinervals" with Coach Troy.
Wed. 12/24-couple mile run on treadmill & upper body strengthening..oh, then I baked some pumpkin bread & drank Bloody Marys with Lola & Vit!!!
Thurs.12/25-Christmas Day-time with my family.
Fri.12/26-only managed 40 mins. on the trainer.
Sat.12/27-ran trails-slowly I might add-w/Vit & his sister & bro-in-law. According to bro-in-law, we did 7 miles. ***note here:I am sore!!! Remember, I am not much of a runner.
Sun.12/28-swam 2,000 yds. then hit the gym for some core work.
Today 12/29 is Monday & I rest.

Happy now Dr. Steve? May I have my small glass of red wine?? Doctor's orders! (not really-I just wanted a small glass)

Peace & love, TracerX

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How I learned a lesson from my Zensah....

I know what you're thinking..."that is not the correct spelling of sensei." I am not even sure how to pronounce Zensah??!! Zens aaaahhhhh Zen sah or does it in fact sound like "sensei", which is pronounced...sense eh. As in..."Does that dude riding his bike without a helmet make any sense, eh?"

So, back to the picture of my Zensah compression leg sleeves. God bless my red, white & blue legs! These were bought because a training buddy, Big Daddy D, sent an email telling all of us that for 1 day only you could go to the Zensah website & get 50% off the compression socks. And being that I am currently running a completely non-scientific experiment on compression socks, I jumped on the offer. I own 3 pair of compression socks from different companies: CEP (my fav so far), 2XU (they slip down at the top of my calf) & Sugoi (the size that is supposed to fit my foot is about an inch too big from toe to heel). So, I decided to try the "running compression leg sleeves", and since I already owned wht., blk., & grey socks, I would try to get some color in my triathlon wardrobe. And, because I am a member of L.A. Tri Club, I would give blue & red a spin. So, I ordered 1 in the blue & 1 in the red.
*****I was under the impression that it was a PAIR!!!***************I should have had 4 sleeves, not 2**********

When they finally arrived in the mail I was perturbed by their, I called Big Daddy D, who also had received his "compression socks"...same thing, he only received 2 socks, not 4!
Now one would ass-u-me that socks/sleeves come in pairs?? No? NO!

Well ,that is my lesson learned...full report on the compression sleeves to be posted at a later date...I am still gathering evidence. I mean, I've worn them, but not actually run in them yet. I think that is the point.

Peace & love, TracerX

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming & I refuse to get fat!!!(gotta sing that part)

Hello all, well all 3 or 4 of you, it is almost Christmas & I continue to train as much as possible.

Vit Tornado & I had a lovely 2 hour ride was a balmy 40ish degrees outside. I was dressed appropriately, or so I thought. My face, ears & hands were pretty, thank God for holiday hours at Sport Chalet, where we made a pitstop...get it..pit stop..o.k. that was bad. Anyway, I was able to get a head/ear cover & some silk glove liners!!! Way better. Do you know where a girl can get a warm tuna & sausage ciabatta with curly fries?

Well I digress...back to the ride: we did lots of hill riding w/some hill repeats thrown in for fun. I am hoping to one day be good at climbing my friend, let's call him Pendong, says: you gotta climb hills to get strong! Well crap, I couldn't even walk up stairs later that day. Don't know how strong I'm getting, but I am persistent!

All in all it was a good ride. Vit thought it was a punishment day, but no, it was just a climbing day. I know, it's easy to be confused between the two.

So, today Vit & I swam today....about 1,700 yards for me. It was windy & "balmy" again this morning. And, later I did a 6 mile walk that took 90 mins.
Let me explain...I have pretty bad knees & a bad back, so my docs. think it is best not to "run", I try to walk more & reserve my runs for the triathlons.

NOTE: I can probably walk faster than I run!!

Well, speaking of getting fat, I am now baking homemade chocolate chip cookies...too good to resist. I called Vit & his wife-let's call her Lola-to come over for milk & cookies, but Vit is in his jammies doing, my husband called him a W.A.T.B.

OK-time to go...peace & love, TracerX

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays..oh & yes, you still need to train

Well, I have my good buddy back by my side. Yup, it is my favorite training partner, Vit Tornado!!
He did Ironman Arizona aka IMAZ just a month ago. So, I had to give him some recuperation time. TIMES be honest I think he was going a bit stir crazy. So, last week was a busy work week & my "work-outs" suffered. I rode hills one day-only for an hour.
So, this week we have some crazy so-cal weather. Yes, all of it...snow, wind, cold & rain. I did say SO-CAL....where is is warm & balmy??!!
So, Vit & I hit the inside trainer w/one of our favorite "Spinerval" DVD's by Coach Troy..did an hour of Hillacious then braved the cold (so-cal cold) & walked a couple of miles.
It felt so good to be exercising (training) that I went shopping for a smokin' hot outfit for my Christmas Party.
Well, again, time to sleep...probably one of the more important elements of my training.
Much peace & love, TracerX

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Help me!!! I am so confused??

This is a, bear with me. It was brought to my attention that it would be great to blog about my training for IMAZ 09. That is Ironman Arizona on Nov. 22, 2009. I will have to get back to you on the calculation of the exact days, hours, minutes & seconds of my countdown. THE countdown to my very first Ironman!! 2.4 miles swim, 112 mile bike ride & 26.2 run.
I don't know if there are enough days, hrs.,mins. for me to train. YIKES.

So, I better get to bed...gotta get my I am ready to train, instead of sitting on my butt blogging!!

Peace, TracerX