Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming & I refuse to get fat!!!(gotta sing that part)

Hello all, well all 3 or 4 of you, it is almost Christmas & I continue to train as much as possible.

Vit Tornado & I had a lovely 2 hour ride was a balmy 40ish degrees outside. I was dressed appropriately, or so I thought. My face, ears & hands were pretty, thank God for holiday hours at Sport Chalet, where we made a pitstop...get it..pit stop..o.k. that was bad. Anyway, I was able to get a head/ear cover & some silk glove liners!!! Way better. Do you know where a girl can get a warm tuna & sausage ciabatta with curly fries?

Well I digress...back to the ride: we did lots of hill riding w/some hill repeats thrown in for fun. I am hoping to one day be good at climbing my friend, let's call him Pendong, says: you gotta climb hills to get strong! Well crap, I couldn't even walk up stairs later that day. Don't know how strong I'm getting, but I am persistent!

All in all it was a good ride. Vit thought it was a punishment day, but no, it was just a climbing day. I know, it's easy to be confused between the two.

So, today Vit & I swam today....about 1,700 yards for me. It was windy & "balmy" again this morning. And, later I did a 6 mile walk that took 90 mins.
Let me explain...I have pretty bad knees & a bad back, so my docs. think it is best not to "run", I try to walk more & reserve my runs for the triathlons.

NOTE: I can probably walk faster than I run!!

Well, speaking of getting fat, I am now baking homemade chocolate chip cookies...too good to resist. I called Vit & his wife-let's call her Lola-to come over for milk & cookies, but Vit is in his jammies doing, my husband called him a W.A.T.B.

OK-time to go...peace & love, TracerX


  1. Like the Blog!!!!!

    where do i enter side bar post???

  2. Pendong Parelli, what do you mean by "side bar post?"