Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays..oh & yes, you still need to train

Well, I have my good buddy back by my side. Yup, it is my favorite training partner, Vit Tornado!!
He did Ironman Arizona aka IMAZ just a month ago. So, I had to give him some recuperation time. TIMES be honest I think he was going a bit stir crazy. So, last week was a busy work week & my "work-outs" suffered. I rode hills one day-only for an hour.
So, this week we have some crazy so-cal weather. Yes, all of it...snow, wind, cold & rain. I did say SO-CAL....where is is warm & balmy??!!
So, Vit & I hit the inside trainer w/one of our favorite "Spinerval" DVD's by Coach Troy..did an hour of Hillacious then braved the cold (so-cal cold) & walked a couple of miles.
It felt so good to be exercising (training) that I went shopping for a smokin' hot outfit for my Christmas Party.
Well, again, time to sleep...probably one of the more important elements of my training.
Much peace & love, TracerX

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