Sunday, December 28, 2008

How I learned a lesson from my Zensah....

I know what you're thinking..."that is not the correct spelling of sensei." I am not even sure how to pronounce Zensah??!! Zens aaaahhhhh Zen sah or does it in fact sound like "sensei", which is pronounced...sense eh. As in..."Does that dude riding his bike without a helmet make any sense, eh?"

So, back to the picture of my Zensah compression leg sleeves. God bless my red, white & blue legs! These were bought because a training buddy, Big Daddy D, sent an email telling all of us that for 1 day only you could go to the Zensah website & get 50% off the compression socks. And being that I am currently running a completely non-scientific experiment on compression socks, I jumped on the offer. I own 3 pair of compression socks from different companies: CEP (my fav so far), 2XU (they slip down at the top of my calf) & Sugoi (the size that is supposed to fit my foot is about an inch too big from toe to heel). So, I decided to try the "running compression leg sleeves", and since I already owned wht., blk., & grey socks, I would try to get some color in my triathlon wardrobe. And, because I am a member of L.A. Tri Club, I would give blue & red a spin. So, I ordered 1 in the blue & 1 in the red.
*****I was under the impression that it was a PAIR!!!***************I should have had 4 sleeves, not 2**********

When they finally arrived in the mail I was perturbed by their, I called Big Daddy D, who also had received his "compression socks"...same thing, he only received 2 socks, not 4!
Now one would ass-u-me that socks/sleeves come in pairs?? No? NO!

Well ,that is my lesson learned...full report on the compression sleeves to be posted at a later date...I am still gathering evidence. I mean, I've worn them, but not actually run in them yet. I think that is the point.

Peace & love, TracerX


  1. Yes Pendong, I will start blogging about my actual training one day soon. peace