Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes Dr. Steve, there is some training going on...

I had decided that Jan. 1st would be my training start date, I am doing my 1st 70.3 in April-it is the Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside, so I figured I would officially start with a new year!

BUT, I have been keeping up with a "loose" bit of training & Dr. Steve was not satisfied that I have not outlined what exactly I have been doing!
So, here goes: Mon.12/22-rest day
Tues. 12/23-an hour of "Spinervals" with Coach Troy.
Wed. 12/24-couple mile run on treadmill & upper body strengthening..oh, then I baked some pumpkin bread & drank Bloody Marys with Lola & Vit!!!
Thurs.12/25-Christmas Day-time with my family.
Fri.12/26-only managed 40 mins. on the trainer.
Sat.12/27-ran trails-slowly I might add-w/Vit & his sister & bro-in-law. According to bro-in-law, we did 7 miles. ***note here:I am sore!!! Remember, I am not much of a runner.
Sun.12/28-swam 2,000 yds. then hit the gym for some core work.
Today 12/29 is Monday & I rest.

Happy now Dr. Steve? May I have my small glass of red wine?? Doctor's orders! (not really-I just wanted a small glass)

Peace & love, TracerX

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  1. Impressive training regime - but I've got you beat - in red wine consumption!!

    Keeping heart healthy !

    Go Tracer

    Dr. steve