Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Lord, is it over yet ? ? ?

I must admit, I am tired of training!!! There, I said it. And I am not taking it back.

Of course having said that, I am sure when we hit taper in a week, I am going to hate it. I will be antsy & feel a need to get out there a do something. I also know that when IMAZ is over and my body decides to it can move again . . . I am going to want to get back out there & train. For what? I don't know.

There are a few half marathons in 2011 & some tri's to do, but no IRONMAN! I guess that is a good thing? Or not? It could be something akin to postpartum depression. Just a complete let down. All the training & hard work - the day comes & goes - and then what?

No more fanfare. No more, "When is your Ironman?" No more, "Wow, you look amazing!" - well, ok the last one will still stay around!!

All I know is that I will have to keep myself busy. That means that Vit will have to suffer as well. Sorry, Vit. But you know we stick together like glue! I should also apologize to Lola. Ooooooh, maybe I will bug her to train with me??? (she is cursing me at this point)

Back to me being "over" this training . . . I think I am ready to do IMAZ. Like, let's go. Get 'er done.

This past week, training was rough. Vit & I did a century last Sat (10/23), the Santa Barbara Century. It was 9,600 feet of climbing with steep grades. VERY STEEP. It was the toughest ride I've ever done.

The following day was the Los Angeles Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon. I was pretty sure I was going to just have to walk this sucker due to my back & my rubber legs from the bike ride.

As it turns out . . . I PR'd. Who'da thunk it? Not me!! My Garmin was 2:18 and change.

Officially I was 2:21:35. That accounts for my trip to the Porta-Potty @ mile 8.5 to take a major #2. Yes, it took me 3 minutes. Do you know how hard it is to get sweaty compression shorts back on? It's probably like trying to hold onto a greased-up pig. (I have no idea, I just imagine that would be hard.)

Anyhoo, I basically kicked ass! I surprised my own self. I was pretty dang thrilled, too.

Needless to say, it took a few days to get back to walking like I didn't just get off a horse. And, my workouts were a bit "short" - "non existent" - "recovery-like" -
which is okay. Right?

Yes, it is.

From here on out - I am going to get my training done & then taper & then get my ass to Arizona to knock this bitch out.

That's right, I said BITCH! - love/hate relationship that we have.

Well, that is it for now . . . looking forward to the part of IMAZ that includes Chrissie Wellington, Chris Lieto, Andy Potts & Matty Reed. Big names!! I can't wait for them to pass me on the bike & run. It may give me the kick in the bike shorts that I need.

For now . . .
Much Peace & Love,


  1. Well said Tracerx...It is time to get 'er done. Legs and body need to recover from all of the training and be strong as hell for Nov 21st!!! So looking forward to jumping in that lake with you, ready to absolutely kill IMAZ 2010!!!!!

  2. WTF??? You got that right, Lola is swearing. What are you thinking? Me train with you? Okay, now I'm laughing. All this training's gotten to your brain.

    Life after Ironman is something to think about. First, however, let's see you across that finish line. Looking forward to it! xo