Sunday, September 19, 2010

132.3 . . .

No that is not my current weight, thank you very much. I am, due to my intense training schedule, under that number at this time.

Rather, that is the number of miles that Vit & I rode on 9/11!

We had a 5-1/2 hour training ride on our schedule, but since we were going to La Jolla to do the La Jolla Rough Water Swim on Sunday, we thought "Hey, let's just ride the bikes there on Sat., swim on Sunday & call it a weekend?" We also had a 3-hr. ride on Sunday, but we just rolled that into the long ride! It turns out that La Jolla is kinda far away . . .

I am not going to give a rundown of the entire ride . . . just would like to say that it was a very nice day. We got to ride through Palos Verdes, which is some beautiful coastline!! I felt like I was in Northern California. Gorgeous.

We also got to ride through Wilmington, not so gorgeous. But, still full of its very own sights & sounds!!

We eventually made it to Oceanside - 8-1/2 hours of saddle time - total of 132.3 miles!!

My longest ride ever!! Vit's, too. We thought it was a really good training ride in preparation for IMAZ.

Oh, and the swim on Sunday was good, too. My hubby kicked butt. So did Vit . . . I did pretty good, even though I did cheat & wear a wetsuit. I guess technically it was not cheating, but I do not officially get a "time" for the swim. I really didn't care, because this was a training swim for me. And I plan on wearing a wetsuit for my Ironman. I felt no need to swim in butt-ass cold water just because everyone else did!

It was me & one other woman who wore a wetsuit - okay, she only had one leg.
Alright, so the physically challenged woman & I wore a wetsuit. I still don't feel bad!

Overall the weekend was a fun one. A really great training weekend.

We decided that this is the type of training weekend that we like - a lot. It takes us away from what can sometimes be "mundane" training. It adds some spice - some variety.

That's it for now.

Much Peace & Love,

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