Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What comes around, goes around . . .

Remember how I was so excited about running "all 10 of my miles"? Well, not so much anymore.

My knees, mostly my right, have taken a very strong stance on this whole thing. They have decided that running those miles was not so fun for them & they are pissed!! In fact, walking is an issue for me. It is more like "gimping" - an audible thump, thump, thump with my right foot. When I stand up, I have to take a second to get my knee to cooperate with me. It is quite painful.

My workout today was supposed to be an hour and 20 minute run. There was no way!! So, I decided to go to the gym & do the Precor elliptical - that lasted half an hour. OK, next. Treadmill with incline - no running. That also lasted half an hour. Very painful. It will have to be aqua-jogging for the remainder of the workout.

"Frustrating" is the word that comes to mind.

"Scared" is the other word that comes to mind.

"Worried" is yet another word that comes to mind.

If this is what happens with 10 miles, what will happen for 26.2? I may not be able to run all of those miles . . . let alone walk.

There is also the little matter of all the training that I still have to keep on doing.

What am I doing to my knees? Nevermind - I know that answer. Screwing them up - A LOT!!! Like, knee replacement time.

Just let's wait til after Ironman. Please.

Actually, how about we wait for another 30 or so years!!

Maybe it will be time to stick to smaller distances and/or aquabikes!

For now, I will have to take my Ibuprofen, ice & rest when I can.

Aquajog & walk. Maybe try some trail running. Or break my runs up into smaller runs.

Oh, and I am going to see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for an exam & some x-rays.
Update to follow. All I know is this sucker hurts!!! Grrrrrr . . .

Much Peace & Love,

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  1. swim REALLY fast
    have a FAST bike split
    enjoy and celebrate for 26.2 miles~ run or walk who cares just FINISH.