Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm gonna need a gallon of K-Y to ease into this . . .

. . . that was my response to Vit when he told me - like he always does - that I needed to "ease into it" when we were trying to run some hills.

I am sure y'all know what K-Y is - !!?

If not, go to your local proctologist for an exam. Or watch Deliverance and see what happens when you don't have any!

I digress . . .here are a bunch of workouts that I did. I threw in some new stuff like trying a spinning class! That was tough . . . I was shvitzing by the end of class.

I tried the class with a colleague . . .he is Fine. No, really - he is Fine!

Let's see what else . . . Oh! I did a nice bike ride in the RAIN. By choice, I must admit. Vit was not happy with me. He wanted to turn around - girlie man - but I was having fun, so we rode on. We were soaked to the bone & filthy dirty - and we hadn't even started the ride!! ha ha . . .just kidding, Lola.

Again, I digress. Here is the week (plus) of workouts:

1/19: Rest day

1/20: Took a nice hour-long ride outdoors to ride the hills around my house.

1/21: GULP . . . I did nothing - get off my ass, Pendong.

1/22: Ran 6.5 miles. O.K., ran 3.5 & walked the other 3 w/friends. BUT, we did a big ol' hill!!

1/23: Swam 2,100 yds. & lifted.

1/24: Rode 57.48 - this was the ride in the rain. It rained from Granada Hills to LAX. We did continue on to Huntington Beach. Just when the ride starts to look pretty & the ocean is off to the right, we had to be picked up. No injuries, flats, etc. It was just time to get down to Carlsbad so Vit could pick up his race packet. He & some of his family & friends were going to do the Carlsbad Half Marathon the next day; I had to take my PALS course. Bummer.

The ride around LAX is nasty & scary & just no fun. I don't recommend it.
Also, Wilmington is no pleasure cruise either. Too many potholes which equals a massive headache for me! AND, nuts & bolts in the street. I thought I was at Pep Boys. If you're gonna steal a freakin' car tire, take the damn nuts & bolts!

1/25: Ran 6.8 miles of trails near my house. I did this after my PALS course. I needed a tension release.

1/26: MONDAY!!!! My rest day . . . I love you, MONDAY.

1/27: Vit & I took a nice 5-mile brisk walk. It was very windy & we headed up a lovely long hill.

1/28: Swam 2,150 yds. & lifted.

1/29: 55 mins. of shvitzing spin class at The Ride.

1/30: Well, this was supposed to be a swim & lift day, but NOOOOO. Instead, I had to deal with some wonderfully idiotic jackasses at work. I ended up doing, basically, a 12-hour shift. It was not a horrible day, but I did, at one point, want to beat the crap outta someone. AND, I like the guy . . . but boy, was he a "male genitalia"

Again, again, I digress . . .

Finally, today, 1/31, the end of the month - Vit & I rode hills for a couple of hours. It turned out to be a nice day.

I do need to give a shout out to my Vit for his patience & friendship. He is a tolerant kinda guy.

Most days.

Seriously, THANKS VIT.

Also, to his wonderful wife, Lola, she is just as amazing! Thanks to you both.

Well that is all, folks.

I am off to do the Surf City Half Marathon tomorrow with Lola, Becky G, & G-Money.

Peace & love, TracerX


  1. Poor Vit and what you drag him thru.... Vit needs to start posting his SIDE of the stories!

    i would say more but it would only be taken as a negative since you are a VERY sensitive penelope!

    P.S. you are doing great! oh and VIT too

  2. Vit here...I am not so sure I am real keen on all of this sappy s!*@ all of a sudden, but I guess I should join in.

    What I will say is, "Penelope, you are doing a great job and it has been a pleasure to know and train with you. A pain in the ass at times, but I get cranky now and again, also. No wait,,,, I only get cranky when you insist on riding in the driving rain for 2 hours. We are going to do great this season. Stay strong and healthy. You are far, far, far ahead of where I was last year this time." and all of your lady friends looked great at Surf City...

  3. NOTE*****coming soon to Pendong & Vit: there is a difference between TracerX & Penelope....more to follow.