Friday, January 16, 2009

Tonight after swimming, I was standing in the shower with water running down my body....

Sorry, no picture attached!! But it hit me that I am signed up to do an IRONMAN this year!! WTF did I do? Seriously? And, I paid for it!!!

I had a bit of an anxiety attack, which I'm sure I will have plenty more of in the future.

So back to the shower (still no picture).....I just sorta stood there thinking, "Can I do this? Can I sustain 14, 15, 16 hours of a triathlon?" YES, of course I can! I mean, "I think I can"? Right? And, I was not really sure what part was freaking me out: the swim with a couple thousand of my closest friends - who, by the way, are punching & kicking me? Or is it the 112-mile bike ride, where I get to pee on myself & my sweet Penelope? Or is it the 26.2 miles of running/walking/crawling? (Yes, you are allowed to crawl; it's in the official "Ironman rules"!! Tanks God for that.)

I think it is the run/walk/crawl-that is causing my high anxiety. OH - and the nutrition aspect of it all. * * * note here: I am definitely experimenting with different sources of nutrition. Right now I am trying Hammer Sustained Energy. I will let you know how it goes.

Well, I just decided not to dwell on it & move forward & take it one day at a time!
Wish me luck.

So, that's it for now.

P.S.: I was wearing my swimsuit in the shower, as I had just finished a 2,050-yd. swim workout!

ha ha

Peace & love, TracerX


  1. panic attack??? get use to them as more will follow!
    answer this, how long does it take you RIGHT now to do each distance? if you can't right now that's fine but be honest. Ask yourself the same in 3 mos, again in 6mos and you will see the strides you are making!


  2. Okay-I will try to get that figured out better next week-end & especially after California 70.3. Oh yes, I know there are a lot more panic attacks. A lot more!!

    Thanks for the advice, TracerX

  3. When i was running last night i kept thinking of your blog and one thing bothered. ok actually drove me nuts so i gotta come clean. THERE IS NO CRAWLING IN THE IRONMAN.... what are you thinking? ok dont answer that...
    doing any endurance event is seeing what you have inside of you. digging deep down if needed to see what you are made of and then pushing harder to cross that hurdle. NO you cant craaaaaawwwwwllll. cross that word out from your vocabulary. i dont care if it's coming out both ends NO CRAWLING.

    by saying that or accepting that as an option you are setting yourself up to fail. Penelope you will toe the line with 10months of training under your belt and MORE THAN FIT! 140.6miles will be fun. now if it happens that you face your demons that day so be it and tackle them head on.
    yes, you may hurt and cramp.
    yes, you may make a pack with your god, budha, devil or scorpian to get you thru the next mile but suck it up because crawling is NOT allowed.
    ok i feel better now. hope you got my point!


  4. Silly boy, there is no getting on hands hands & knees for anyone. Well, maybe my hubby..ooops.
    Keepin' it clean.
    Yes, Pendong, I do not believe that I will actually crawl, but it is in the official rules.
    Peace, TracerX