Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just another manic Monday, followed by a bunch of other stuff . . .

Mon. 1/12: As usual, Monday was my rest day.

Tues. 1/13: SICK

Wed. 1/14: SICK

At this point, I am not a happy camper! I do not like missing out on training - let alone "just laying around doing nothing." I feel so helpless & pissed off all at the same time. (Yes, it is possible!)

Back to the training . . .

Thurs. 1/15: 51 mins. with the wonderful Coach Troy doing my Spinerval session, then lifted for 1/2 hour.

Fri. 1/16: Ran 1.25 miles on the treadmill, then swam 2,050 yds.

Sat. 1/17: Got to go on a great bike ride with two of my favorite guys - Vit, of course, and my buddy G-Money! G-Money is the best! He is such a talented athlete - the guy was a golf pro. He kicks booty in a triathlon and runs ultramarathons - well, you get the picture. He is a stud. Much like Vit & Pendong & Big Daddy. AND, G Money is an all-around nice guy. Much like Vit, Pendong & Big Daddy.

So, back to the ride: we rode 47 miles in just under 4 hrs. We did some hills, Woolsey Cyn. & Mulholland & got some flats & some rollers.

All in all the day was beautiful & I had two handsome men to ride with!

Sun. 1/18: Swam 2,750 & r/w 4 miles.

Well, that's all, folks.

Peace & love, TracerX

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  1. 47miles in 4 hours? Ok Penelope at that pace you miss the bike cut off. Maybe LESS PITSTOPS and looking at vit's and g-money butts and MORE PEDALING!

    Hey, I want you to enjoy ALL 140.6 miles come race day!