Sunday, January 11, 2009

A week of workouts...

Well, I am going to make this short & sweet. Let us start with:

Mon. 1/5: NADA-rest day

Tues. 1/6: Rode the trainer for 47 mins., then lifted. Just a note here: I like to follow Mark Allen On-line training.

Wed. 1/7: I walked the dog for 30 mins. - pretty pathetic, I know. BUT, Vit & I were supposed to swim & he called to say he was sick...I just decided that I needed Vit with me to swim (not really, but it was a good excuse!).

Thurs. 1/8: Did a 6 mile run...aka run/walk.

Fri. 1/9: Lifted, then swam. I had a 3,500-yard swim workout planned, but when I got ready to get in the pool, I realized that I had no swim cap!!! Suit - check. Goggles - check. Cap for my long hair - NOT!!! So, I tried but there were just too many hairs flying around. I kicked, did backstroke, breaststroke etc. And, I was just getting too pissed off. I managed 800 yds.

Sat. 1/10: Coach Troy & his Spinervals to the rescue: I did "Hillacious" for 62 mins. then "Suffer Fest & Threshold Test" (sounds fun) for 58 mins. This was followed by a 31 min. run - again, please read that as "run/walk".(r/w)

Sun.1/11: Swam 3,100 yds. and ran 4 miles. r/w

Oh, and here is a picture of me & my beagle, Stella Blue. Yes, she is named after the Grateful Dead song.

It was a good week except for my training buddy, Vit, being sick...get better soon Vit.

Time to go....peace & love, TracerX

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