Sunday, April 25, 2010

On a countdown to Wildflower . . .

Vit & I have been training like mad men for next weekend. Yesterday we rode 51 miles to McGrath State Beach. Nice little ride that is mostly flat-ish. I like this ride because it is a lovely olfactory experience. I especially love the cilantro that grows in the Santa Rosa Valley, then the sweet smell of strawberries & next is what I believe to be broccoli - or maybe cauliflower? - whatever it is, it just fills up your nose with a delightful array of smells. As we ride, the strawberries are about 15 feet from us - separated by a concrete ditch. I just want to jump that sucker & grab some. I also imagine having some farmer come out and fire a shotgun in my general direction - so I just stay the course with my head down and enjoy the smells.

The only issue I have with this area . . . a freakin' head wind that is coming from the Channel Islands area. Oh well, good mental training. "Oh no, I really like to keep my head down, pedaling my little legs as fast as I can & only go 13 miles an hour! Really, I do!" . . . NOT. Again, mental training is just as important as the physical aspects of training.

Today we did a triathlon. I like to refer to it as the Porter Valley/Granada Hills Sprint Tri.

We swam at the country club pool (shhhhh - we snuck in), drove back to Vit's to hop on the bikes for a 16.60-mile ride, and followed that with a 3-mile run. I believe it was a PR for both of us.

I know we had a PR at T1 (Vit's house) - where he brewed up some coffee for my personal consumption & I had to wait for my wonderful hubby to bring over a jacket for the ride.

It was a good prep to get out the tri outfit and do a little "race" in it to make sure all will work well - fingers crossed.

Next, the bikes were dropped off for a tune-up & overhaul to make sure they are ready for next week.

Now it will just be up to me. I am nervous about this course. I hear it is a hard & hilly one. My wave does not go off until 9:30 or so. Which puts me on the bike somewhere after 10 a.m., and then the run at approx. (good Lord willing) around 2 o'clock-ish. I can only hope it is not very hot. Running in the midday heat can be no fun. BUT - again, it will be a good mental training regimen for IMAZ, right?

I also worry about people having to "wait around" for me to finish. Stupid, I know. But it is my silly thing. So, for all y'all who have to wait for me, please bring some comfy shoes, extra food & water so you are comfortable at the finish line.
And, thanks for being there for me!!

Wish me luck. I am just going to do what Vit said: "Just pretend it is another training day."

I will do my best, Vit.

Race report to follow.

Much Peace & Love,

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