Sunday, April 11, 2010

The medal is covering up his black coq . . .

Yes, you heard me right. Poor Vit wears his new beautiful jersey he bought in Italy - in the Chianti region - which is why there is a coq on it. A black one at that. And if you look at the photo, you can see what I'm talking about.

Technically, the word for "rooster" in Italian is actually gallo, but that does not work as well for my purposes! I mean, it's me we're talking about.

Well, not much else to say here.

Oh, well, o.k. - Vit & I did the Breakaway Ride today in preparation for Wildflower. It was a tough 62 miles of loads of hills.

It was cold & windy & threatening to rain, but thank goodness, it never really did. I was not looking forward to going down Decker Canyon if it was rain-slicked again. (See How's about a white-knuckle kind of ride? from February 28.)

All in all, it went well. It took us approx. 4:42:42. Approximately.
And, I was happy with that time, given I've been on vacation for 12 days and had the worst case of jet lag since my return.

Next weekend Vit & I will get another long ride in before Wildflower & then start to taper.

For now, that is it. I have lots more to blog about - like the Italy trip - but am super tired right now.

Much Peace & Love,

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  1. Tip jar to Lola for the title of this one!!!