Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am here to pump (hands clap) . . .

you up! This means that I have started a 6-week program titled "one hundred push ups."

The challenge was "thrown down" by Pendong!! I - along with some of my favorite boys, Vit & G-Money - was ready, willing & able - sort of - to accept this little challenge.

After all, I did just complete my first triathlon in 7 months . . . my first one since my knee surgery. So, why not give these push ups a try?

Wait, go back . . . you did a triathlon? Why, yes I did. I did the Turkey Triathlon in San Dimas.

I promise to write a race report soon, but for now, I gotta run.

So for now. . .

Peace & Love, TracerX

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