Monday, December 21, 2009

Gobble, gobble gobble . . .

Or should I say, "ho, ho, ho". . . because - let's face facts - it is 4 days away from Christmas!!

Where does the time go?

So, let's do this . . . my first triathlon in 7 months, my first triathlon since my knee surgery, 5 months post-op.

I did the Turkey Tri at Bonelli Park. It was on 11/29/09. Let's do a "dream sequence" a la Wayne's World. do-dil-e-do . . . do-dil-e-do . . . do-dil-e-do

I slept pretty well the night before, but as usual, I had to get up at the "crack o' stupid" to get there & pick up my packet. Oh, and because I am neurotic about getting to transition to set up. More so on this day because I was a bit anxious since it had been a while.

I got my packet, set up my area & got my wetsuit on to go check out the water.
Well, to my surprise, the water that was supposed to be 62 was a balmy 58!!! Didn't seem so bad until I tried to put my face in and actually swim. Oh, and the fact that there was SNOW on the mountains!!

But, I don't want to get ahead of myself. Let me talk a moment about my emotional state.

I was not really feeling too nervous - unless you count the fact that I pee'd in my wetsuit about 15 times! I was actually excited to be there, to support Vit & Pimp Daddy J-Z. . .screaming & clapping every time someones's "wave" started.

Time for me to go. I got in the water and made several attempts to swim with my face in the water, take strokes, kick, etc. BUT to no avail!! I found my heart rate shoot thru the roof. I felt as though I could not get any air. My wetsuit was choking me. My husband said to kick my legs for a bit to get warmed up. I just could not do it.
I looked over to see a woman roll on her back & just lie there.

I have never had to do that in my short triathlon career, but today . . . it was the perfect thing to do today.

So, I rolled over on my back, kicked my legs like crazy, looked up at the sky & told myself to relax, take a deep breath, roll over & friggin'- swim - beyotch!! "You got this!" "It's not like you haven't ever done this before!" "Just because it is freezing doesn't mean anything!" "Swim now, woman!" "It is only half a mile!"

Once I had made this decision, all bets were off. I went ahead & just did my swim.

Got into the transition area (after a lovely run up a hill) jumped on the bike and took off.

It was a 14 or so mile bike - all of which was like riding with lead legs!!! It was not terrible, just felt like I was dragging my bum. Bike done.

T2 - time to run. Down stairs!! My knee(s) loved it. Just as much as they love to run in the first place. Thank goodness it is only 4 1/2 miles.

I had on my beautiful new Garmin that my hubby got me for my birthday. And, I was excited that it buzzes when you reach each mile. AND, it tells you your time for that mile. I was sure my miles would be 13 to 14 min. each. So, I was thrilled when the first mile was 12 something, mile 2 was 11:48 & mile 3 was just slightly faster than that. The last mile was back to 12 & change. I was in a decent amount of pain with my knee - the one I did not have surgery on!! It was hurting a lot. Thanks so much to my good pal Vit, who managed to show up for the last bit of the run & he ran with me & gave me lots of words of encouragement.

Finally, the finish line. It was over. I was thrilled to do it in 2:13 . . . since my goal was 2:20.

All in all, I was happy to have done the tri, finish it & feel pretty good.

Until the next day!!! I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I was very sore. But within a few days I was feeling better. Lots of stretching, hot baths & Ibuprofen!!!

In the past month I have continued to train. I have some big goals that I have set for myself. I have registered for Wildflower Long Course & IMAZ, again. And, for fun I have signed up for a bunch of 1/2 marathons. I am sure there will be more but I will decide as things come up.

Everyone have a joyous holiday season & a happy new year. Here is to an injury free 2010!!

P.S.: the director of Wayne's World was a woman whose name is Penelope.

Much Peace & Love,

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  1. It was great being there to root you on T! You continue to inspire me. xoxo