Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's get back to basics. . .

Just a week of review for some "not-really-training-for-IMAZ" training:

5/23: Rode for 2-plus hours with Vit. We did hills, hills & more hills. It was fun.

5/24: Walked/ran/hiked for 2 hours with Lola. Nice little workout.

5/25: Rode with Vit & Pimp Daddy J-Z. We did about 34 miles. A nice easy ride since Pimp Daddy has not been riding much. Still, a good ride all in all. Then Vit & I lifted.

5/26: Swam approx. 2,000 yds. I even beat Vit to the wall a few times - a rare occurrence, one I will relish.

5/27: Water walking with Lola. Do not let this exercise fool you; it is a tough workout AND it is easy on your joints.

5/28: Yet another ride with Vit. We did more hills . . . about 20 miles' worth. Boy, are my legs feeling tired!!

5/29: Swam . . . okay, I'll come clean - we did approx. 1,000 yds. until I talked the coach into letting us quit practice early to drink beer. So the 3 of us swimming took our coach out to eat & have a beer.

I love corruption. I am so good at it. hee-hee

5/30: Went for a 7.30-mile walk with Becky C. Nice & casual . . . ya know, just us girls gossiping.

5/31: Oh, and I end my 9 days in a row with an hour swim & another ride with Vit & Pimp Daddy J-Z. I had a headache & was extremely hungry, so I only lasted 1:45 and change. Then got back to my car only to find out I locked my key in there. So I had to ride the extra 2 miles home!!!

I ate toast & eggs. YUMMY.

Well, tomorrow I rest. Finally.

So, for now . . .

Peace & love,

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