Sunday, June 14, 2009

Talk dirty to me . . .

I am so very overdue for a post here. And I really mostly need to talk about my fun day in the mud!!

Not only was June 6th, D-Day, which of course stands for "Vit's Day" - his 40th to be exact - but it is also the day our troops invaded Normandy. AND, it was the day that my buddies & I did the Camp Pendleton Mun Run!!

Not quite the same as invading Normandy, but trust me, there was one part that felt like HELL (more on that later).

It was a really fun day. We had these great matching t-shirts for the 9 of us who did the run & a few of our support team who also wore them. The shirts showed a big yellow smiley face with a camo bandana around the head & mud splattered on the face. The back of the shirt read, "A race only a mudder could love". The shirt was white, of course - well, at the beginning, anyway.

So, we headed toward the run with the possibility of rain looming over us. That in and of itself is not a bad thing for a mud run, but I just did not want lightning to ruin our day. As it turned out, we got no rain - only nice cool weather with a touch of sun peeking out every now & then.

B-Meister was down from Washington, along with his beautiful wife, Southpaw Mama, who happens to be Vit's sister - and a gaggle of their friends. B-Meister was very patriotic and carried the American flag with him for the entire race. He even passed it off to a volunteer to hold while he went thru the mud. (By the way, the volunteers are the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton!)

Most of us girls stuck together during the run/walk, even though one of our gals was injured. T2 sustained a foot injury a few weeks back & could not run on her heel. So, she had finally had enough after mile 4 and ended up dropping out. (sad face)
She was a total trooper for those 4 miles! I can't believe she even started the race.

We had so much fun. Until IT happened. It was mile 4 1/2 at the second mud pit with a 6 ft. wall to go over. I hoisted up Lola & Southpaw Mama over the wall & then got over myself. I threw over one leg then the other and was going to turn around and lower myself down - given that I have a bad back & knees - but I started to slip so I just had to jump down. 6 feet of wall plus another foot or so of mud & water & me landing with my right leg hyperextended. I felt and heard that sickening pop that I have had two other times in my life, when I blew out my right ACL & a year later, blew out my left ACL. I knew that I had done something very wrong to my knee.

I tried to take a step and was unable to. I waited until Lola & Southpaw saw me. They came back and helped me out of the mud pit.

I tried to shake it off & tell myself that I just "bruised" the bones in my knee.

Needless to say, I just had to finish the last mile & a half. So I did. We got some great pictures in the last long mud pit where you have to crawl on your hands & knees. That felt good - NOT.

But with the kind helping hand of a handsome Marine, I made it over the last little hill, ran into the finish chute with my buddies Lola & Southpaw.

We had Vit, B-Meister & gang there to cheer us on at the end. It was one big dirty family. No more white shirt.

I had to tell my hubby that I hurt my knee. He took me over to the medical tent for some ice & an Ace wrap.

Keep in mind that at that time I was still in denial about my knee, despite the amount of swelling that was going on. It was time for a beer & a change of clothes.

A walk back to the car, El Pollo Loco & a nap was what was needed before we went to dinner for Vit's B-day.

Despite the injury, I will be back next year for the Mud Run. Maybe I will get help going over the wall - I will definitely take it easy next year.

For now, I must focus on healing, keeping myself strong & getting back to my training.

for now . . . Peace & love, TracerX