Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aloha from the Big Island . . .

So very excited to leave a damp, cold and rainy day in Los Angeles to hop on a plane for Kona. Coming to the Big Island for "vacation" - at least that's what Vit & I told our spouses - when in reality we were here for The Big Show!! In our language "the big show" is The Ironman World Championship. The mother of all triathlons . . . here on the islands. However, the original Ironman did not take place on Kona, but rather on Oahu. Okay, enough history - these posts are short and sweet, because after all, I'm on "vacation."

So, uneventful flight - layover in Honolulu - then on to Kona. NOTE: major weather change from L.A.!! Warm, balmy & breezy. In fact, one might say - downright tropical!

Car rental, hotel (Hilton Waikoloa Village) where I have to completely unpack and feel "moved in" and then it's down to the venue to see some of my friends. Ya know - Chrissie, Crowie, Rinnie, etc.

Of course none of them is around, but we did find out about a gathering that was being thrown by Macca a/k/a Chris McCormack. So, after getting our "sea legs" about town, we grab a bite to eat and head out to find this so-called party.

After giving up and getting ready to turn around, lo and behold - we see the Clif Bar flags on the outside of the house!! We have made it.

This is basically about 20 or 30 or so people hanging out, drinking beer & chatting with Macca.

I walk in and find him (like I do). I give him a copy of my book - well, the book of which I am one the subjects, You Are An Ironman, by New York Times writer Jacques Steinberg - and I sign it for him. Thanks to my wonderful friend Vit, we find out Macca is signing more books in town the next day and I tell him I will be by for a "book swap": one of mine for one of his. "Sure," he says.

It's on. So we hang out - like we do - and then realize that Terenzo Bozzone is also at the party. So I go up to him - like I do - and give him a hug (he just had achilles tendon surgery and can't race) and we chat for a long while & have a beer!

I have new friends!!!

My first day in Kona is grand so far. My hubby, Vit & I are rollin' with the big dogs. Let the party continue!!

Aloha for now. Got the Underpants Run to do - that shall be a blast.

Much Peace & Love,

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