Saturday, October 29, 2011

The 5th time's a charm ? ? ?

Yes, a question mark. And I know it may sound bizarre, given that I've had four knee surgeries already. Three of them have been ACL reconstructions. Yet somehow I doubt that this truly is the last knee injury and/or knee surgery I am going to have.

I will say that it is getting old - the "it" being me (LOL) - that I am having this "every-other-year" knee injury that requires surgery, I think this time in particular due to the fact that I was just running on the treadmill. I was running approx. 11-min. miles when I felt a small pop and pain in my left knee.

This was not the gut-wrenching, sickening kind of "pop & pain" that I've had with the other knee blowouts, so naturally I thought not a whole hell of a lot about this incident. Three out of the four knee injuries have been traumatic in origin - the other was sheer stupidity! I mean, what 42-year-old broad races a 12-year-old track runner? Starting from a sprint position? Who does that shit? (she says, raising a hand in the air shyly, slinking back hoping not to be seen)

No trauma and no stupidity.
Now I'm just perturbed.
It's all in the genes.

The usual ensues with a doctor visit (we think it's just a meniscal tear).

I continue to train. I continue with my new addiction - Crossfit. (this is to help me gain strength for my tri's)

I have even cut back on my running and . . . gulp - I have dropped out of one of my favorite triathlons - The Santa Barbara Triathlon (long-course).

After 5 weeks of waiting it out, the pain was not going away.

Hello again . . . it is now 10/29/11 and I have since had that MRI on the left knee AND have had surgery!! A week ago. It went great!

As it turns out I tore my medial & lateral meniscus AND my ACL!! That makes #4. But I refused to go through the ACL surgery. So, just clean up the meniscus & we are done.

Another quick side note - end of Sept., I tore The ACL in my right knee. Maybe because I was favoring the left knee?? So, that made #5.

Five torn ACLs on two knees!! Three on one knee. These are great odds! I am going to strengthen my quads & try my best to take care of these wittle knees o' mine.

Enough for now . . .

Much Peace & Love, TracerX

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