Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nothing a little pixie dust can't fix . . .

Today was the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland. And, of course I just had to do it. And, I HAD to dress like Tinkerbell - duh!!

Plus, this was going to be the first big thing I got to do since my 5th knee surgery!! It turned out to be a beautiful day at Disneyland.

The race started @ 5:45 a.m. and it was a bit chilly, but the day was predicted to have a high of around 82 degrees. So, we were not worried. Even though it was 48 degrees at the start, there were people who were dressed like it was 4 degrees below!! They had long pants, gloves, hats & goose down parkas. "Heat stroke" was what I was thinking.

Oh - and the WE is me and my Beckies: Becky C & Becky Lee. We were all dressed alike in our beautiful Tink outfits. As were the 1,000s of other women - and some men. As it turns out, there were about 11,000 women and approx. 900 men!!! Like the announcer said, "Smart men!"

There were men dressed as Peter Pan, men dressed as Tinkerbell, men dressed as "other types of fairy-type characters." It was not boring, to say the least.

We walked most of the race - due to the fact that I have not been running. Although we did some running & some flying - we are pixies, after all!

Anyway, the day went great!! We spread pixie dust all over everyone to bring them peace & joy & happiness. I got to the finish line & felt like I could do another 5 or so miles.

And - I had no knee pain. It was a nice to feel that way after a half marathon.

Maybe it was the pixie dust!!! Whatever it was - I will take it.

Can't wait 'til next year!

Bring on the green!

Much Peace and Love,

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  1. Hi I think that you are one of the people in the book "YOu are and IRONMAN". If so its soo cool! I am reading it now! How exciting! I was wondering about this race because it was the inaugural but its nice to know it went off without a hitch! I plan on doing it next year hopefully!