Monday, July 5, 2010

Set up like a bowling pin, knocked down gets to wearing thin . . .

Dude, every time I get one step closer, I get knocked back down. I hate to sound like a whiny-ass titty baby (WATB - for future reference) BUT, it just pisses me off.

I had this great training schedule planned for the 4th of July weekend. I was going to start out with a nice long bike ride on Saturday, then have a big, long swim on Sunday, followed by the usual 4th hoopla & then another ride on Monday. This would set me up for the four weeks out from my Aquabike. I had this all planned out and I was feeling good . . . until 2 a.m. on Saturday morning!!

That's when I was struck with a nasty stomach bug. I thought I was dreaming that I had a horrible stomach ache & had to puke - when in actuality, I DID have a horrible stomach ache & I DID puke!!

Oh my goodness, was I in pain. Then a few hours later . . . came the other end. You know what I'm talking about. And NO, I am not sorry about the visual!!!

Needless to say, all my training plans flew out the window (with the exception of an hour-and-a-half on the bike trainer with Vit that we did Monday).

I was sad that I had to miss a 75-mile ride with G-Money & Wriggle Worm on Sat morning. :-(

Whatever this viral bug was/is . . . it really kicked my ass - hahahaha - seriously.

Ya know, I know that some people have a lot of other crap (hahahaha again) that they go thru in their training & I wonder if they feel the same way? I don't feel sorry for myself, but it does get me down a bit. Because the progress is there, then I feel like a roll backward.

Just frustrating. But, gotta keep pushing forward & keep looking at my goal - yeah, I say it A LOT . . . and I will keep saying it. For myself, mostly.

Thanks for listening & reading. Time for me to trot along now (that's for you, Vit).

Much Peace & Love,


  1. your race is in Nov so time off now is good. Now i dont want you to be sick but over doing it now will show up in Oct or Nov when it is WAY TOO LATE>

  2. Aquabike looks cool! Hope you're back to 100%

    Wriggle Worm?

  3. It just popped in my head!!!! I needed a "nom de plume" for you. And , because you are such a very serious guy - all business...BUT really you're probably a silly goofy guy at home. You probably roll around on the ground with your kids like a worm....and your last name ....well, it just worked for me!!! It's all love, baby!!

  4. All true! I've been called Wiggly Wrigley, and Wriggles, but you're the first with Wriggle Worm. I'll take it. Love back at ya. See you Sunday!