Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back in the saddle again. . .and again. . .

So, if you read my blog about my new accessories, you will know that I got a new saddle. Well after approx. 90+ miles it was quite clear that my saddle & my "girlie bits" were not getting along. So, back to the cycling store - Helen's - to try something else.

Again, they were extremely helpful . . . and I ended up with a Selle Avant saddle.

I rode for just over an hour tonight & so far, it seems to be working wonderfully. The girlie bits were very happy & I was able to get in the aero position, which I could not do on my long ride 3 days ago!!!

I will put it to the test this weekend with another long ride.

Peace & love, TracerX

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  1. now that the nose of the saddle points down DONT FALL OFF!