Saturday, February 28, 2009

Only 5 weeks to go til California 70.3.......

and I am feeling kinda nervous. After my wonderful ride last Saturday . . . then a nice long swim Sunday morning, followed by a 60+ minute walk, I ended up getting a freakin' cold!

- which has turned into bronchitis & has caused me to miss an entire four days of training.

So, I feel like I am starting from scratch . . . it's a bitch getting sick & being old. OK, I am really not that old. But all the same, I have 5 weeks to just keep plugging along!

I am going to try to make a time prediction for my 70.3 (my 1st one ever!!):

1.2-mile swim: 40 mins.
56-mile bike ride: 3:35:00
13.1-mile run: 2:45:00

Well, that adds up to right about 7 hours!! YIKES . . . seems like a long time, but I want to be realistic. So, what the heck . . . at least I'm doing the sucker.

OK - that's it for now.

Peace & love,


  1. My prediction
    Swim 32 min
    Bike 3:10
    Run OK 2:45

    Good luck it will be fun.

  2. Since TracerX can't seem to keep up with her blog, let me say she appears to be feeling better. I got my ass chewed out during our ride on Sunday and my ass kicked in the pool last night. Things are back to normal. Thank God :-( Keep up the hard work. Remember we do this because we love it!!!!!!!